…lots of questions. Here are some of the more frequent ones I have been asked by the many couples who I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining at wedding receptions over the years.

Click on the questions below: And if your question is not here, then great! Get in touch! I love questions from the bride, the bridegroom, mums, dads bridesmaids and best men.

Are you a full time Professional DJ?

Yes I am! With over 25 years of experience as a professional dj, with well over 1,000 weddings under my belt, I have been full time since 2008. This means I’m available for you ALL DAY, right through the week.

Perfect for midweek weddings and also those important meetings, when you need to plan, discuss and fine-tune every little detail.

Can we meet you before we book you?

Yes, this is essential! Your choice of wedding entertainment will have major impact on the success of your wedding reception. So you always should meet your DJ before you book them – at your venue, maybe a coffee shop, the pub or even a home office if they have one.

There are so many advantages to a meeting: You need to make sure you get on. You will be able to judge their professionalism and experience. You will gain a lot of information about your wedding entertainment, and most importantly your DJ will find out EXACTLY what you two want for a smooth and highly enjoyable wedding day.

When is the best time for our first dance?

As a general rule: When all your evening guests have arrived. And you’ve had the opportunity to welcome them all to your reception. At most of the weddings I perform at, the first dance takes place between 8.30 and 9pm. By then, the outside light will be fading, and the ‘ballroom’ will be feeling a lot more cozy for you, and the ‘time feels right’.

How long does it take you to set up?

I usually allow one hour for equipment setup, even though it can take a lot less time if the timings of the day are tight. Additional uplighting, dancefloors, TV screens and such will take a great deal longer to set up, but these items can often be in place earlier on in the day, or even the previous day – but I will discuss the finer logistics of this with you at the planning meetings.

Do you cover all musical genres?

Yes, my collection of music for your wedding has been growing at steady rate for over 35 years, and covers everything from all the genres of the musical spectrum. If you and your guests have eclectic tastes, then a good mix across the genres will produce a very memorable and busy dancefloor and it will certainly keep everyone at your party mesmerised and wondering at what’s coming up next.

Can our guests ask for requests on the night?

Yes, I encourage your guests to get involved (unless you do not want this). Even with meticulous music planning and selection, there will always be a last minute request or some spark of inspiration that leads to that perfect tune being dropped in at the last minute.

Announcements can by made by me on the microphone that guests are welcome to approach the DJ booth to ask me for any requests. If I’m with you for the whole day, then I may well be getting requests from your guests early on, which later in the evening pays dividends when those special songs appear in your DJ set.

Can we list every single song we want played?

Indeed you can, and I will not take offence! However, there is a good chance that from my experience, this will rarely fill your dancefloor. As you are paying for my expertise and experience to pack your floor and make your party the talk of the town, you should rely on me to play the right music, at the right time, in the right order and create your own personal seamless and flowing DJ set. Your favourite genres and song choices will obviously form the backbone of your wedding soundtrack!

How many songs do you play?

Not as many as most couples think!

In a typical four hour evening wedding reception it’s only between 60 to 100 songs. It does vary on the style of music you have chosen: Old classics from the 50s and 60s are very short songs, so you’ll get more. Likewise if you have a lot of modern clubby choices, then I can mix or mash them together and squeeze a lot more into your evening.

But the thing to remember when choosing your selection is that EVERY song has to be perfect for you and your guests – your ‘once in lifetime’ party is no time for fillers or experimentation.

Can one of our friends who is a DJ, play a set?

No problem, as long as he’s good DJ and doesn’t mind ‘working’ at your party. I suggest he gets in touch with me before the wedding, so we can have a chat about his set and technical requirements.

A short set from a friend that everybody knows at your reception, will create an unusual highlight. But do speak to your friend about the kind of music he wants to bring to your evening, and beware of anything too eclectic or leftfield for the rest of your wedding guests.

Should we include music to cater for different age groups?

Yes, you should have something for everyone! This is something I can advise on at our meetings. Once you have started to give me a list of your personal and your families’s favourites, I can then easily spot those perfect tracks that span the generations and lift the roof off at your party.

Band or DJ?

A band will use up more space at your wedding venue. A good band may be more expensive. A band will take breaks between their sets, and generally be performing for a shorter time. With a band there may well be gaps between the songs.

A DJ will inevitably have a bigger selection of tunes for you, and the music will recognised as the original, familiar songs you know from the radio or own music collection. With a great band, the songs can sound better than the originals! But with an average band, it’s quite often a poor cover version you will hear. The band will generally project a lot of energy into the room and will usually be a lot louder – the downside to this is that it’s not possible to turn the band’s volume, which may affect some of your guests, and any noise limiters at your venue.

Personally, I love live music and the best scenario is to hire BOTH: a band and a DJ!

Will you dress appropriately?

Yes. My usual attire is a black or white tuxedo, as I feel that your DJ and Master of Ceremonies should represent the wedding party on the day of your wedding. But if there is a different dress code for your party and you wish me to dress in something else, then I will always approach this at your planning meeting, and change my attire to your exact wishes. I draw the line at a mankini.

Is your equipment safe?

Yes. By using only the finest professional grade equipment, and having this regularly serviced, cleaned and looked after, I can guarantee that I have done everything in my powers to ensure safety for you and your guests. Regular PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is carried out at frequent intervals, and on-site risk assessments and ‘Method of Working’ practices also help to give you and the venue ‘peace of mind’.

Certificates for all the above are available in printed or electronic formats. Your venue will often insist on seeing these documents before I can set up any equipment.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

The venue you have chosen for your big day will only work with professional wedding suppliers, and will insist that appropriate insurance is in place. Public Liability Indemnity insurance (PLI) documentation must be available on demand. My insurance covers me up to £10,000,000 and I will automatically send my up-to-date documents to your wedding venue well in advance of your wedding.

How much experience do you have?

I have developed my skills over the last 25 years, with over 1,000 weddings and events at well over 200 different venues. In this time I have acquired much experience, expertise, and have been privileged and lucky enough to witness some amazingly unique weddings.

How much do you charge?

In the UK the cost for a wedding DJ can vary considerably, as can the service that is provided. If you do your research, you will find prices from under £100 to over £1,000 for an evening’s entertainment.

As you hopefully realise, with a wedding or any kind of special celebration, there really is only one chance to get it right, and you’ll be very fortunate indeed if the cheapest DJ you find turns out to be the best.

My prices offer exception value for money, as you will find out when you meet me, but if you’re looking for the cheapest DJ, then I feel I’m probably not right for you. My services are totally personalised, and I don’t believe in an ‘average’ wedding, and I certainly wouldn’t want to give you the disservice of giving you an ‘average performance, so my fees will be completely dependent on which elements and services you would like to include.

To find out more click here.

How soon do I need to book you?

As soon as possible!

Once you are absolutely sure about the DJ or Master of Ceremony that you’ve chosen, then book! Some popular dates are booked up 2 years in advance. But even if your wedding is not far off, and you’ve not booked your entertainment yet, then get in touch, as I may still have some availability.

And when the booking process is complete you can be assured that the wheels are in motion for an amazing wedding reception and you can really start looking forward to it.

Is your equipment of a professional standard?

Yes. Only trusted, professional sound and lighting equipment, that’s been designed and built for road use is used for your event. This equipment is very expensive but also very reliable – and sounds and looks fantastic. However, I leave nothing to chance and carry back-up equipment for any eventuality.

Will you provide a written formal contract?

Yes. All bookings without exception will be confirmed by a legally binding written and signed agreement with details of dates, times, locations and costs etc. Make sure you are 100% happy with all the terms and conditions before signing.

Avoid anyone who doesn’t use a contract, doesn’t require a reasonable deposit or asks for ‘cash in hand”.

Will your wedding DJ actually listen to what we want?

This is the big daddy of all questions. Yes, I love listening to couples tell me about their wedding plans, tastes in music, fabulous ideas and any worries or concerns they may have. Any prospective entertainer should be happy to meet you before you book – if not, then avoid them.