Music for your Wedding Reception

You have to remember it is YOUR wedding day and the flavour of your music should reflect you as a couple, and your personal tastes.

However, to also carry your guests along a tidal wave of fun, their requests should also be taken into consideration.

What music styles do you and your guests love? Selecting songs of high quality and popularity is the most important factor when selecting music.

Girls not impressed with the list
Partying hard at wedding reception

View songs like your best friends.

When you walk into your wedding reception together, every single person there is a good friend, that you’ve known and loved for a long time. They greet and hug you, making you feel loved and glad to be there, because these are your favourite friends! Now that is exactly how you should feel about every single song you choose and hear at your wedding.

By asking me to play, not only your timeless favourites, but also those well known iconic classics your guests love, everyone will feel connected, have more fun and create unforgettable memories they will treasure forever.

I offer printed and online facilities for you and your guests to make your choices, and of course I am available to guide you through your music selection process from the start.

And then there are the songs you don’t want to here at your wedding:     Do Not Play! Songs