Music-RubbishWell it is! One couple’s anthems are another’s worst nightmare.

So, veto the music you don’t want to hear at your wedding by creating your own list of the stuff you really do not want to hear.


Introducing your ‘Don’t you Dare’ Music List

From when we meet and during the whole of your wedding planning I will give you the opportunity to list all the songs you loathe, or those that might remind you of memories that you wouldn’t want on your wedding day.

Click for Example List

I can then produce your personalised ‘Don’t You Dare’ list, which can be displayed in all its glory by the DJ booth.

This fine list of ‘banned’ songs will cause much amusement and bemusement to your guests, and guarantee that you will never hear the songs that you hate and make you cringe!

Girls not impressed with the list

Partying hard at wedding reception